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Tears of Huangshan


According to Cheng Yanqiu film, classic re-engraved Beijing Opera Edition.

Director: Li Jiaqi

Collector: Lv Yonghui

Orchestra: Lin Shilian


Tears of Huangshan, 2015


  • 12/29 19:30 TaipeiEYE, Taipei, Taiwan


Zhaoxin, Li Youxuan, Li Zhaoyun, Gao Meiyu, Li Qingfeng, Zhuang Qiaowei, Taipei New Theater

Cool set theater cool old play - cool spirit. Old soul

Text / Zhaoxin

Cause of reason will be unknown


Published a new drama creation, made a doctorate, home grave, cycling around the island, soldier. Thirty years old I finished these things, as if the rite of grace, farewell Sentimental past.


Before the soldiers, inexplicable intuition, I take the initiative and contact with the police group. "I want to play the traditional drama, I would like to carry our generation inherited the banner of Peking opera." So, contributed to this Today's show.
As the "cool set theater" starting, my choice seems completely not "cool", turned out to be a traditional drama, a 1931 premiere of the play. Until now, I continue to self-question, this choice and the day said - that is not a momentary impulse, but the flow in my body, the Beijing Opera crazy gurgling blood.


I am not a drama school background, but somewhere seems to have some kind of traction, my choice, I and traditional opera, and Cheng Yanqiu, so far so close ... ...
In 2000, I was sophomore, involved in poetry recitation competition. The instructor selected Zhang wrong "view Gu Zhengqiu" Qing frost sword ", by the ticket Ms. Li Mengyun among the rehearsal of the Beijing opera fragment, I performed Tsing Yi Shen Xuezhen. That is my first time and Cheng Yanqiu meet, ambiguous hazy. In 2006, I went to the Institute, in the school library, actually found in 1959 published "Cheng Yanqiu collection". From the text, slowly pestering the appearance of Cheng Yanqiu, clinker, to go to Beijing to learn drama, legislation snow door.


Cool! Beijing trip trace to find autumn sound


Before that, I had a lot of misunderstanding about the "genre". Until these years, the number of interviews with Beijing and the old artists to learn, only gradually a glimpse of the path. In particular, Cheng Yongjiang teacher (Cheng Yanqiu three sons), the beginning of the day that I give lectures, it is clear from the Beijing opera angle inheritance context, Cheng Yanqiu's appearance is no different, Cheng art is also a strange way.


Cheng Yanqiu was born in 1904, was originally a yellow flag, six years old to sell Rongxianxian learn, art name Ju Lennon, Yan autumn. After Luo Gonggong ransom, collar in the Mei Lanfang door, the division of law Chen Delin, asked Yi Yaoqing, but also to many famous school Kunqu, martial arts, Tai Chi. Singing, he inherited the old factions Qingyi rang dancing, combined with their own powerful bass, forming a fall and hidden edge of the "cotton needle" singing; figure, the use of martial arts momentum, with rich water sleeve skills and Low center of gravity calm footsteps, condensate chain for the quiet and gloomy performance style.


Luo Ga Gong painstaking cultivation Cheng Yanqiu, placed in his generation of people who want to transform the opera, the transformation of national society hope. Gall Gong went, Jin Zhongshen continued for the Cheng Yanqiu screenwriter, in 1931 the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, "barren hills" premiere. At that time the theater competition is fierce, all odds actually out, than the appearance, than the skills, than the novel, Cheng Yanqiu faded the most attention to the Yan Yan costumes, took the goes on rags shaved scattered stills, People stories, express very painful theme. Since then, in his virtual age thirty adult birthday day, the first son of Xun Huisheng to make incense, granted its "after the curse of the hall" to "curse" apprentice must have its character. And the original word "Yu Shuang" to "Royal cream", the stage name "Yan Qiu" easy for "Yan Qiu", meaning Yan Tianqiu, determined to no longer with brilliant people. And published a "pacifist drama movement", seriously expressed as an actor, in the performance of the importance of social care betting, he said: "My career is drama, drama is to ask the improvement of human life goals, is to require human Life status of the improvement ... ... I put my whole life to contribute to the god of peace, breaking the first effort was to "barren hills" staged ... ... still from the Pingyang Road, suddenly turned into the wall Thousands of peaks, showing a sudden change in thinking. "


Soon, he dissolved the class club, set foot on the road to the European tour, study the Western drama. After returning home, he began his knowledge and study in Europe, organized into the "European study of opera music report" and "19 reform proposals", applied to the Peking Opera performance test and organizational innovation, and then the tragedy of the drama Concept, to give Beijing a high degree of humanistic spirit. Throughout the history of the development of Beijing opera, look back on the life of Cheng Yanqiu, "barren hills," the emergence of Cheng Yanqiu choice, why its "cool" also!


Cool set! New generation of cool spirit


As a man, learning horns, I often questioned myself, in addition to odd, there must be more advanced and positive significance. I am in Mr. Cheng Yanqiu who, in his word and a cavity in a move, experience the transcendental gender of the art of purification, that deep into the heart of my mind is that I can stick to the faith.


I am deeply convinced that learning Peking opera, learning genre, is not indulging in nostalgia and reproduction. It is true that we can not reproduce the master classics, only this time to Cheng Yanqiu only film as rehearsal basis, is trying to trace through the original, continue their spirit and attitude, deep thinking of the contemporary Beijing opera. At the end of 2015, on the eve of the New Year's Eve, cool young people in Taipei's new troupe once again played the "barren hills", we are dialogue with the classic, and contemporary theater, and even today's world situation dialogue.