About Koo Huai Qun

Koo Yuen Group, and the letter of the enterprise group president Koo Chen Fu's eldest daughter, is also "Gu Gongliang cultural and educational foundation," the chief executive, the new stage of the curator. These titles are far less likely to describe "super heavyweight consumers" as an art performance. School and work has never been divorced from the category of "foreign language", Gu will enter the performing arts industry, because in 1990 she produced a Beijing opera in the National Theater, although never learned performances, but the success of this play, So that Koo Ching Chow has entered the performing arts community confidence. Later, Koo-chung group left the NTU faculty, instead of putting into the new stage management work that was completed soon. As a result of the civil professional performance venues, Gu Ching was determined to operate the new stage in different ways, hoping to bring different weather for the performing arts venues. So that performing arts workers can have one more choice.


"Art is part of life, from life to get close to art is the best way." If only blindly listen to Western classical music, watching Western art, it is a pity, and Guhuai group believe that from the young roots than the day after tomorrow to learn painting , Instruments have to come to benefit. So the new stage is willing to hold a series of children's cultural activities, willing to do the general performance site most reluctant to do children's programs. "Let the children from childhood contact art, you can not be afraid of children will affect the performance order." Said Koo Ching is the performing arts industry "Heavy User", is not an over, Guhuai group as a child as pure smile and doing things, has been together The work of the partners or media reporters like Mu Chunfeng, "but I do not like to see the show with me, because I was too swaggering." Koo said that as long as the stage to listen to the concert, she can not really busy, not only everywhere, And will begin to calculate how many lights, props and so on, even if you hear a very sad concert or look disappointing performance, "I will never be happy or want to escape, because every performance for me , Is the best study. "

In addition to watching the performance, the Guhuai group or super computer family, in order to check the information, looking for finishing the subject matter of teaching, Guhuai group to become a letter of the computer family, Guhuai said that the computer has just grown in the United States, she thought that people Americans can use the computer, of course, they can learn, not to mention that she so love the "library", the then Guhuai group, the world is no worse than the use of the library can not use things. In this way, Khuai worked hard to become a computer family, there are a full range of office computer equipment, "curiosity can kill a cat", Guhuai group on the computer curiosity, enough to make her remove all difficulties, but in order to facilitate business, colleagues To help her at home with real-time voice system, did not expect to immediately reject the group, "that after the Internet but also dressed very neatly, very troublesome." It is said that Gu Huai group for the degree of infatuation of the computer, infected with many arts sector partners, friends and Peking Opera "Li Baochun with a computer to play the script, with a computer row trip, with the computer concept scenes, but also with the computer and I communicate, talk about things, Li Baochun be good use of the computer literati." But the use of computer science and technology, There are also opposite examples, such as the cloud door dance art director Lin Huaimin, Gu Huaiqun some disappointment, because they are absolutely rejected the computer family, "no matter how you E - mail (E - mail), they will never come back.
In the past, there was a lot of specious voice in the discussion of the arts and cultural organizations, and there was a lot of specious voice. Koo Ching Chun smiled and thought that it was the "sacredness" that the culture people thought of themselves. "Why should the culture man be sacred?" The kind of rice people are also sacred ah! "Gu Huai group that cultural people should have more participation in society, the transformation of social beliefs, not just relying on cultural morality.


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Has always been considered by the outside world is the birth of the golden tastes of the group, for the new stage with a certain basis for the operation of the money, "the new stage is better than others, the new stage behind a bank in support, in actuarial." New stage has always been Dare to use too much money, everything is in accordance with the previous year's operation plan in the implementation, "we have to use how much money, depending on how much money from the Chinese trust to decide." Even so, the new stage must also be compromised with the market mechanism , For example, the first two quarters of the Chinese trust has "put words", once the stock fell below four thousand five hundred points, the second half of the funds directly less than eight million, and sure enough this unfortunate event occurred. Even so, she did not care too much. "I just want to do what I want to do."

"In fact, the culture needs to be actuarial," Koo Ching group put forward a concept, cultural policy should not be homogeneous equality, national prizes, but should be due to its development and have different subsidies or incentives. "For example, the Cloud Gate Dance Festival takes the country's most money each year, and it is the most subsidy for the construction, and many teams think it sucks gold, but once it is actuarial, the Cloud Gate Dance actually takes the money from the country, accounting for the proportion of his annual budget Low; but a golden play, composed of three small groups, one year to take two million can live for a year, this approach, fair? "Because small, no big contribution, but did not accept the test, accept the assessment Kam, for the Guhuai group, it really makes her unacceptable.
With his own love for art, coupled with efforts to redouble their efforts, while learning to do, Gu Huai led the team of twenty people, the "new stage" operating the impressive, in 1999 also won the audience vote for Taiwan's best Performance venue, Guhuai group so that the new stage slowly thrive, become the Eastern Taipei art performance venue indicators. "The two halls and the new stage can not be compared, because we are unique, just as the two courtyards are unique." Koo Ching group recall five years ago, the new stage was established, because the venue is not as big as the national theater, and no performance group willing To play, in a second experiment, the new stage was finally accepted by Taiwan's first-class performance groups. Guhuai group believe that the performing arts no regional distinction, only good or bad difference, as long as the heart opened, you can tolerate everything.


In the past five years, there has been an experience that many people have an experience. "When you are young, you can remember how to play and how to play after you grow up. But after you grow up, The contact with the things more, but they do not remember. "This is to let the group feel very deep, Guhuai group is currently the biggest wish in addition to the new stage after a good business, but also hope to make use of social art resources, through schools at all levels or local culture The center co-launched, planning to give students the opportunity to go to the concert hall or the national theater to play, "so that we can be the audience up." Koo said, who knows the most violin of the violin is Paganini, "we want Show Paganini, you have to explain Paganini first, to Beethoven explained some, because of a strange sense of distance, so that art and ordinary people living apart, this is a pity phenomenon.


Gu Huai group that the root of the work should be placed in the education link, she hopes to plan a new stage in the future with the school at all levels, with a variety of art team resources to help students contact art, this is the long term.

The end of this year, the new stage on the first floor of the cafe leasing is about to expire, the new stage has decided not to renew, and replacement stationed in the manufacturers, in addition to coffee, there will be bookstores and records and other cultural-related consumer goods is expected to enter, "But because the hinterland is too small, is currently planning." Future new stage will also plan the children's Peking Opera performances, so that children's art seeds slowly germination. By the Chinese Trust under the auspices of the new stage to contribute to the community, to the public's dream, is a step by step to achieve them.