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Legend of Eight Celestials Crossing the Sea

The Eight Immortals of Taoism are derived from the Chinese legendary and they represent the man, the woman, the senior, the junior, the poor, the lowly, the rich and the distinguished with the versatile and popular stories relating the ordinary people. After the immortality banquet held by Madame Wong, Mr. Dong-Bin Lu goes with other seven celestials to cross the Eastern Sea, fighting and playing with the Carp celestial along the way. Each of them shows their special powers in the splendid ways. (During the performance, it is customary for the audience to applaud in appreciation for outstanding demonstration of skill by the actors.)

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After 48 days of successful touring in China, Feb., 2012, this Taiwan-based Peking Opera Theatre presents

Maestro Bao-chun Li In The Jester

Time Available: Available after December 1, 2014

English subtitles:

gurantees 100% understanding.

Free Lecutures and Demonstrations

on morning of performance: upon request

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No international air fares needed. Onshore per capita share of bus/cargo transportation, accommodation in decent hotels with private bath/shower, breakfast including day of departure for 65 members.

Only one month in the States preferring East and West Coast, or Texas.


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